Respite care is something that you might still be trying to work out the details of as a caregiver. It’s not unusual for caregivers to want to have a perfect plan outlined and in place before letting themselves take time away. But it’s important to note that you don’t have to have a specific reason to be able to take time away. Just wanting to is more than enough justification.

Elderly Care Rohnert Park CA - When Can You Use Respite?

Elderly Care Rohnert Park CA – When Can You Use Respite?

You Need to Work or Be Somewhere Else

As much as you might want to be able to devote all your time to being a caregiver, logically that’s not always possible. You may need to work, or help someone else, or be somewhere else. That’s highly possible, considering that you’re a multifaceted person with a lot of different obligations and responsibilities beyond caregiving. Respite coverage can help you to meet all of those obligations without leaving anything to chance.

You Need to Focus on Your Own Health

One big issue that caregivers tend to run into is that they ignore their own health in favor of focusing on their senior’s needs and well-being. But at some point you need to shift that focus, or you’re going to have more difficulties with caregiving. Taking the time to visit your own doctor and to focus on your own health is a crucial part of that process and you may need help doing that.

Your Senior’s Needs Have Gotten Bigger than You Can Handle Alone

There may also be a time when what your senior needs from the people around her is more than what you can handle on your own. Having elderly care providers there gives you a chance to take breaks when you need them and it also allows you to have hands-on help with issues and situations that might have overwhelmed you and your senior alone. Having elderly care providers to help becomes more than just a great idea, it becomes essential.

You Need to Just Have Time Away

The biggest reason for you to embrace respite time might well be simply because you need to have that time away for yourself. There’s no real requirement for you to have a reason or to file a plan with anyone that gets approved or denied. You’re a human being with human needs. And that means that sometimes you need to have time for you.

If you’re still thinking too hard about respite, take some time and figure out why. There may be some unreasonable expectations you’re holding yourself to that need to be reassessed.

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