Elderly Care Can Relieve Caregiver Guilt

Being a caregiver for your senior parent or parents can be very rewarding. Many caregivers feel lucky to have so much time to spend with their parents as the parents get older. But sometimes caregiving causes the adult children of seniors to feel guilt. Guilt is a normal emotion when you’re providing care for your senior loved ones. Often caregivers feel like they aren’t doing enough to help their elderly parent. And they also feel guilty when they make mistakes, or for not knowing something. If a parent or loved one falls or gets sick you might feel like that’s your fault and have guilt because of that. But no matter what the source of your guilt is you need to let go of that guilt. Otherwise the guilt will wear you down and it can push you into caregiver burnout. Elderly care providers can step in and help.

Use These Tips to Help Let Go of that Guilt and Get Elderly Care Help:

Keep Learning, But Forgive Yourself For Not Knowing It All

Elderly Care Novato CA - Elderly Care Can Relieve Caregiver Guilt

Elderly Care Novato CA – Elderly Care Can Relieve Caregiver Guilt

You have never cared for your senior parent before so of course there’s things you don’t know and won’t know until you go through them. You have to forgive yourself for not knowing everything right away. One thing that you can do to be proactive is to learn as much as you can from experts. Hiring an elderly care provider will give you someone to learn from while also giving you a break from the care of your parents.

Keep A Journal

No one likes to talk about it but along with the joy of spending time with our parents can come frustration and exhaustion and negative emotions. It’s challenging to take care of a senior loved one that is sick. Or a parent that has dementia. It’s ok to admit that sometimes you yell or say the wrong thing or feel like you can’t do it anymore. Everyone has bad days. Keeping a journal will give you a safe place to vent all your frustration, anger, helplessness, and other emotions so that you can get rid of them without judgement. Don’t let anyone read your journal unless you want to share with them the ups and down caregiving.

Talk To Other Caregivers

Caregiving is a unique experience. Even though no other caregiver will have exactly the same experience that you have had the things that all caregivers go through will create a bond with other caregivers. A support group, online chat, or peer to peer counseling group will give you support from other caregivers who can relate to what you’re going through. When it comes to caring for senior parents unless a person has gone through it they can’t understand what it’s really like to take care of your parents. Connections with other caregivers will help you release some of the emotions you have connected to caregiving. You can also talk to your senior loved one’s elderly care provider. They will relate to what you’re going through and can offer you support as well as help your senior loved one.

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Emily Sloma