Elderly Care in Windsor CA

The whole family can enjoy senior travel no matter if it’s a weekend getaway or a two-week trip. Not only does this help families get away from their regular routines, but it’s also manageable for Elderly Care in Windsor CAseniors receiving in-home care to come along. The only trick families need to remember is bringing the right gear to ensure their loved one is safe and comfortable.

Assistive Devices: Fight Fatigue & Help Mobility

In addition to solving any mobility aging loved ones may have, assistive devices are also developed to help prevent fatigue from creeping up too quickly.

  • Lightweight Rollators: these foldable devises make getting around easier, store possessions, and offer a small seat.
  • Folding Canes: these devices snap out when they’re ready for use, and fold away easily. Some are small enough to fit into a purse or backpack.
  • Wheelchair backpacks: these are excellent for longer trips, and have pocket storage beneficial especially for those needing to stow away health aids.
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillows: this supportive device prevents neck stiffness during long rides, plane trips, and any other instances where neck fatigue may become an issue.

Creating a Home Away From Home

Some seniors love to travel, but have a difficult time following their senior care routines while traveling. When home care providers are traveling with their loved ones, they can help solve this problem by creating a home away from home atmosphere as often as possible. This can be achieved with the following:

  • Portable Bed Rails: if the senior used bed rails in their home, incorporate portable bed rails into their travel plans. Choosing a design that includes a pouch to hold their glasses or other essentials is optimal incase their bed isn’t close to a nightstand.
  • Portable Shower Bench: for seniors who uses shower benches during in-home care, bringing a portable shower bench on the trip will help them feel more comfortable while keeping up with their hygiene practices. It will also help keep them safe at the same time.
  • Reusable Chair Pads: this helps seniors who are worried about leaks, especially if they’re used to only dealing with them during elderly care at home, because it is large and comfortable. Seniors will not have to worry about embarrassment or taking care of issues during their travels thanks to the use of these pads.

Additional Thoughts

Because there are so many products available for seniors receiving elderly care, they are able to travel with their families more comfortably. This includes seniors who are experiencing mobility issues, as well. When families plan ahead during senior care, they can help their loved one maintain as much comfort and independence as possible during their travels. The inclusion of such travel aids allow families to better care for their loved one just as they would during senior care. Additionally, due to their portability, families will not have to worry about these assistive devices taking up too much room during their travels. This is especially important in vehicles where precious cargo space is already at a premium.

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