If your elderly family member is diagnosed as frail, is there anything that she, you or an elder care aide can do to help her? There might be more than you think that you can both do. The first step is to talk to your senior’s doctor about what she’s experiencing and what else might be going on.

Her Doctor May Suggest Diet and Exercise Changes

Elder Care Windsor CA - Treatments Suggested for Frailty

Elder Care Windsor CA – Treatments Suggested for Frailty

When your elderly family member’s doctor learns that she’s dealing with frailty, exercise and diet changes might be part of the suggested treatment. Ensuring that your senior has plenty of nutritious foods and that she’s eating them regularly helps to rebuild strength and muscle. Gentle, easy exercise is something that she can build on as she gains strength.

Treating the Underlying Issue Is Important

If there are underlying causes of the frailty, such as an injury, infection, or other chronic health issue, that needs to be addressed, too. Your senior’s doctor should recommend a plan for treating any of these underlying issues, so that your senior can start her recovery. There may be times that there isn’t something to treat, however. The sooner that your senior starts putting her doctor’s plan into place, the sooner she’s likely to recover.

Utilize Assistive Tools for as Long as She Needs Them

Your senior doesn’t have to just “soldier through” dealing with frailty. That’s an excellent way to fall or to experience some other injury that is completely unnecessary. For now, she may need to use assistive devices, like shower chairs and even a walker. This doesn’t mean she’ll need these tools forever, but she may very well need them now.

Enlist Help in the Form of Elder Care Providers

Elder care providers can be an excellent form of assistance as your senior recovers from frailty. They can be there at all hours to help your senior with her gait, ensure that she eats regular meals, and that she has transportation when she needs it. Having elder care providers with your elderly family member can also help you to feel more comfortable if you’re not able to be with her as much as you would like to be.

Frailty can take some time for your senior to recover from, especially if she’s experiencing the condition due to injuries or illnesses that also require healing. With patience and by sticking with the plan that her doctor helps her to put together, she may be able to have a better experience than she expects to have.

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