Things Seniors Can Do To Drive Safer

Even seniors who can still drive fairly well and enjoy driving could improve their safety when they’re driving. When your senior parent is ready to stop driving elder care providers can help your senior loved one with transportation.

If your senior parent is still driving themselves places and doing a pretty good job but you would like them to be a little safer when they are driving you should talk with them about doing these things:

Getting A Dash Cam

Elder Care Sonoma CA - Things Seniors Can Do To Drive Safer

Elder Care Sonoma CA – Things Seniors Can Do To Drive Safer

Dash cameras are something that everyone who drives should have in their cars. These days dash cameras are very inexpensive and easy to install. A dash camera can help keep your senior loved one safer by recording how your senior loved one is driving. And if anything happens to your senior loved one while they are driving the dash camera will record exactly what happens. You will be able to tell when it’s time for your senior parent to stop driving when you see the dash camera footage showing them having slow reaction times or hitting things like light poles or parked cars.

Using A Navigation System

Anyone can momentarily forget how to get somewhere, even if it’s a place that they have gone to many times before. But as seniors get older they may forget how to get to the grocery store, or how to get to that restaurant they used to love. With a navigation system, your senior loved one just has to say where they want to go and the navigation system will tell them turn-by-turn instructions in real time on how to get there. In some newer model cars that car can practically drive itself so once your senior loved one puts in a destination, they won’t have to do much at all.

Using A Safety Service

A safety service for a car is usually a subscription service through the car’s manufacturer but it’s well worth the cost. With a safety service, there is always emergency help available for your senior parent if something happens. If your senior loved one has an accident the car will sense the accident and automatically call the police and EMS. If your senior loved one has a medical emergency it will also automatically stop the car and call emergency medical services. And the car will be able to give the emergency crews the exact location of the vehicle. With some services, the car will even phone you to let you know there’s been an accident.

Installing a GPS Tracker

If your senior parent’s car doesn’t have the capability of a safety service you should at least put a GPS tracker on the car. That way if there is an emergency you can pull up the tracker with an app on your smartphone and find your senior parent’s exact location. If you need to summon the police or emergency medical help it will help them get to the site faster if you can give them the exact coordinates of where the car is. With just a few simple safety upgrades your senior parent can continue to drive themselves and you can feel much better about them doing so.

Elder care providers can take your senior loved one anywhere they need to go.

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