You live too far from your parents to visit often. You have the flu, shingles, or some other illness and have to stay away from their house until you’re feeling better. For whatever reason, video chats are the only way you can keep in touch with your mom and dad for now. Don’t expect them to always go seamlessly.
You have to find humor in the different issues that arise during video chats. They happen to everyone.

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA - Find the Humor in Video Chats 

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA – Find the Humor in Video Chats

He Has No Idea What He’s Doing 

Video chat may be a new technology for your dad. If he’s not quite used to the software, expect to walk him through it a few times. He may sit too close to the camera so that his head is cut off or you’re looking at his nose. He might be on mute so you can’t hear him. These are all easy fixes that he’ll learn to avoid as he becomes experienced.
The Unexpected Visitor 

You and your dad are chatting and your cat jumps up onto his keyboard and disconnects the call. This is a common problem pet owners face. He could shut the door and keep his cat out during the call. If that’s not possible, moving the keyboard out of the way while chatting will keep the cat off of it.

The same goes for dogs. If someone’s dog starts barking or brings a toy to play, it’s best just to give the dog some attention. Your dad can toss a ball a few times and present a chew stick or toy before resuming the video chat.

Internet Lag and Dropped Signals 

If your parents don’t have the fastest internet service, there may be a lag. You’ll see your parents freeze, move in a glitchy manner, and return to normal. You can either deal with it or aim for video chats at less busy times of the day.

You may find an early morning call works best. Chat while you sip your first cup of coffee. Other busy times are often in the evening as kids do their homework, TV shows and movies are streamed, and you’re catching up on personal emails. If your parents are up late, try chatting after the kids are in bed.

Are your parents all alone during the week? Do they have anyone who stops in to make sure they have enough food and necessities? If their heating system stops working, would they know what to do to get help? Elder care helps give you peace of mind that your parents are cared for throughout the week.

If they only have someone stopping by on the weekend, elder care is important. Rather than wait a full week to get help, any issues are addressed quickly. You’ll know if your parents’ health changes. You get a call if your parent needs additional care services, too. Call our elder care specialist to make arrangements. 

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