Keeping your teens engaged with your dad gets harder as they get older. They have new interests and some of them are things your dad just doesn’t enjoy. With these activities, your teens and dad can bond and have a great time together.

Elder Care Rohnert Park CA - Activities Your Teens Love That Can Help Them Connect to Your Dad

Elder Care Rohnert Park CA – Activities Your Teens Love That Can Help Them Connect to Your Dad

Board Games

Board games are still as popular now as they were when you were a kid. The difference is that today’s board games can take a lot of time to play or involve rules that make them a little more challenging to learn and play.

Why not have your teen teach your dad how to play some of today’s hottest board games? Here are some of the most popular board games for teens and adults.

  • Carcassonne: Build up the land that surrounds a medieval French fortress using strategic moves that get you the highest point total. The one with the most points wins.
  • Catan: Settle Catan by building roads and settlements and try to build better settlements than the other players have built.
  • Pandemic: Pandemic is a cooperative board game where your team must find cures for four new diseases that put the world at risk.
  • Splendor: Set in the Renaissance, your goal is to become the richest merchant of them all. You do this by buying mines, arranging transportation, creating jewelry, and tempting nobility to purchase your goods.
  • Wingspan: The goal of this card/board game is to build up the best variety of birds in your nature preserve. Play several rounds and build up your score in hopes of winning.


Many teens love an excuse to drive somewhere. If your dad is still a licensed driver, he could hop in the passenger seat and have your teens drive down some of the area’s scenic roads.

Have your teen drive your dad along the lakeshore or up into the mountains along a scenic route. He’ll love getting out of the house, and your teen gets to drive him around. He could stop and treat your teen to an ice cream or some other treat along the way.


Have your teens join your dad watching movies from his past that have been remade for today’s teens. Some options are True Grit, Karate Kid, and Bill & Ted are options.

Video Games

Don’t let your teen sell your dad short. Your dad probably watched you playing video games when you were younger. He may have played Pong or Atari games over the years. Buy a replica Atari and hook it up to your TV. Let your dad show your teen what some of the earliest video games were like.

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