With modern technology, caregivers today are very lucky to have access to a great deal of information about medical conditions and aging in general. However, not all of the information that you may come across is necessarily accurate. In fact, there are many common myths about aging that you may not even know aren’t true.

Below are some things people have accepted as “facts” about getting older that are really myths.

Myth: Getting older inevitably comes with worsening physical condition.

Elder Care Petaluma CA - Did You Know These “Facts” About Aging are Really Myths?

Elder Care Petaluma CA – Did You Know These “Facts” About Aging are Really Myths?

Truth: Okay, this isn’t completely a myth. The body does accumulate wear and tear over the years that causes some damage. However, when seniors eat right and exercise, they can prevent many of the ailments that are associated with aging. Some studies even show that when older adults expect their bodies to break down, it is more likely to happen. That means that in addition to eating well and staying physically active, older adults should also keep a positive attitude about aging.

Myth: It’s normal for seniors to feel depressed.

Truth: Depression isn’t a normal state of being at any age. This myth may have grown out of the fact that many older adults do experience depression and loneliness because of changes in their life. Failing health, loss of friends and family members, and a lack of purpose can all contribute to depression. If you notice signs of depression in your aging relative, treatment is available. Talk to their doctor.

Myth: Older adults need less sleep.

Truth: It can seem like older adults don’t need as much sleep because some of them don’t sleep much. This can be because they have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep due to medical conditions or sleep disorders. However, they still need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. If your aging relative isn’t sleeping well, discuss it with their doctor.

Myth: It’s too late for older adults to quit smoking.

Truth: Lots of older adults who have smoked for decades think that there’s really no reason for them to quit now as the damage has already been done. While it’s true that smoking does harm the body, it is also true that quitting will improve their health. Just a few hours after quitting the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood is reduced. Within a few weeks, circulation is better.

Elder care providers are experienced and trained in caring for older adults. Therefore, they know important facts that can help your aging relative to live a healthier life. Elder care providers can use their knowledge to prepare healthy meals and keep older adults moving by doing activities that are both safe and enjoyable. In addition, having the help of an elder care provider can improve your loved one’s outlook on life.

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