It helps for you to have an idea what factors could be contributing to decreasing your senior’s ability to be a safe driver. Here are some of the issues she might be battling when she’s behind the wheel of her car.

Elder Care Novato CA - What Makes Your Senior Less than Safe on the Road?

Elder Care Novato CA – What Makes Your Senior Less than Safe on the Road?

She’s Taking Medications with Side Effects

Your senior needs the medications that she’s taking or her doctor wouldn’t have prescribed them. But the downside to medications is that they can have side effects that can present bigger issues for your senior. Some of them may make her dizzy or sleepy. If she’s taking more prescriptions than she did in the past, it’s also important to note that those side effects can be cumulative. That means that the sleepy side effect from this medication can make the dizzy side effect from this other medication more pronounced.

She May Be Losing Physical Strength

Your elderly family member may find that she’s not as flexible or as strong as she used to be. That’s to be expected as she ages, but that can mean that she doesn’t have the physical abilities that she used to have. That can show up in her driving in an inability to control the car like she used to be able to. She may find that other things required in driving, like looking over her shoulder before merging lanes, isn’t possible due to physical issues.

She’s Not Able to Trust Her Senses

Driving is very much about the driver being able to rely on all of her senses. She needs to be able to see and hear issues and problems so she can avoid them. If your elderly family member is losing any of her senses, that can be an issue for her when she’s driving. She may miss details and that can cause an accident that you definitely want her to avoid.

Cognitive Changes Make a Difference, Too

But it’s not just her hearing and her vision. If your senior’s brain is changing, she may not be able to concentrate on driving and she may be making decisions that you find to be questionable and maybe a little scary. You may want to talk to her doctor about what you’re seeing and about whether that means that she needs to consider giving up the keys.

You’re not going to find it easy to tell your senior she can’t drive anymore. What can help is for you to line up transportation assistance for her in the form of elder care providers. Knowing that she’s able to safely go wherever she wants to go can be a huge relief for both of you.

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