How Elder Care Helps Seniors Age At Home

Staying at home, or aging in place, is what most seniors would prefer to do as they get older. According to a study done by AARP more than 90% of seniors would prefer to remain in their own homes as they get older. Elder care from professional and compassionate caregivers makes it easier and safer for seniors to remain at home. A home caregiver is often the best solution for seniors who want to remain at home but at the same time find some things about being in their homes alone challenging. Caregivers provide help with household tasks and companionship so that seniors don’t become isolated at home.

What Is Elder Care?

Elder Care Petaluma CA - How Elder Care Helps Seniors Age At Home

Elder Care Petaluma CA – How Elder Care Helps Seniors Age At Home

Elder care is a term that encompasses a lot of different services that make life at home easier for seniors. Home caregivers can help seniors with tasks like paying bills and answering mail, running errands, grocery shopping, cooking and meal preparation, personal care, and housecleaning. With the support of a dedicated caregiver a lot of the risks that make staying at home dangerous for seniors can be eliminated so that seniors can remain in their own homes where they feel comfortable as they get older.

Does Your Senior Loved One Need Help?

It would be great if your parents would just tell you that they’re having trouble keeping up with the housework or the shopping or getting to appointments or other tasks but in most cases that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be up to you and your siblings to notice the signs that your parents are struggling to keep up with things at home. Some signs that you should be on the lookout for include things like:

  • The house isn’t as clean as it used to be.
  • Big cleaning chores like mopping the floor aren’t getting done.
  • The groceries are lasting a very long time which would indicate that they are not eating or that they are not shopping regularly.
  • They wear the same clothes several days in a row or don’t get dressed for days at a time.
  • Their hair looks unwashed or messy most of the time.
  • Dishes are piling up in the sink.
  • Medications aren’t needing refills.
  • The outside chores like weeding and mowing aren’t getting done.

You will notice if things seem off or if your parents don’t seem quite right even if you can’t put a finger on exactly what is different. That’s when it’s time to consider hiring an elder care giver.

A Compromise For The Future

Talking to your senior parents about living options as they get older is a tough conversation to have. Often the adult children want their parents to consider assisted living because they don’t realize that it is possible for their parents to stay safely at home as they get older. A home caregiver is the best compromise if your parents want to stay in their home but need some support in order to do so safely. With a dedicated caregiver to provide elder care you won’t have to worry about your parents getting around the house or keeping the house tidy or getting dressed each day and your parents will get the comfort and peace of mind of staying in the home that’s familiar to them.


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Emily Sloma