High blood pressure doesn’t usually show up for no reason at all. There are usually at least one or more contributing factors that keep your senior’s blood pressure higher than it really should be. Addressing some of these factors can bring her pressure back down.

Having a Family History of Blood Pressure Issues

Elder Care Healdsburg CA - What Might Contribute to High Blood Pressure?

Elder Care Healdsburg CA – What Might Contribute to High Blood Pressure?

So many health issues are hereditary, so if your senior has a family member in the past who had high blood pressure she’s more likely to develop it herself. There are a lot of other factors, too. Plenty of people develop high blood pressure when no one else in their family has it. But there are reasons that your senior’s doctor asks about family history with certain health issues.

Related Health Issues

There are a lot of health issues that go hand in hand. Things like a history of being a smoker can be an indicator that your senior may be more likely to develop high blood pressure. Having kidney issues or trouble with blood sugar could also indicate potential to develop high blood pressure. Just like family history, these aren’t a guarantee, but they can contribute.

Having a Poor Diet

Your senior’s diet matters, too. Eating a diet that is heavy in processed foods, high in salt, or high in sugar can all have an impact on your senior’s health. Food is considered medicine in many parts of the world for a reason and it’s why your elderly family member’s doctor focuses so often on what she eats. If your senior does have high blood pressure, her doctor is likely to recommend some changes to her diet.

Being Overweight or Being Sedentary

Carrying extra pounds or being inactive most of the time can cause health issues like high blood pressure, too. Your senior’s circulatory system may be working harder than it should have to in order to keep blood pumping through her entire body. Losing even a small percentage of her body weight can take some of that strain off your senior’s system and help her blood pressure to come down. Talk to her doctor before your elderly family member tries to start any type of exercise program.

Lots of these changes are small, but they can still be difficult. Your elderly family member might benefit from having help from elder care providers to do things like help her to prepare healthy meals and be there when she’s moving more.

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