Companion Care at Home: Help Your Mom Adjust to Vision Loss

It’s estimated that 12 million adults over the age of 40 have some level of vision loss. Approximately one million of these adults are legally blind. Due to the increase in diabetes cases, it’s expected that the number will double within 30 years. Your mom is losing her vision. How do you and her companion care at home providers help her adjust to the changes?

Offer Emotional Support

Companion Care at Home Sebastopol CA - Companion Care at Home: Help Your Mom Adjust to Vision Loss

Companion Care at Home Sebastopol CA – Companion Care at Home: Help Your Mom Adjust to Vision Loss

Your mom is going to need someone to talk to about this change. Her world is changing as her vision decreases, and that can be alarming. Let her vent when needed. If she needs to cry, be a shoulder for her to cry on. If you can’t be around for this, make sure she has a friend that can.

She may want to go to a support group for vision loss. Find one and make sure someone can drive her to those meetings if they’re not online.

Make Sure She Has People Asking If She Needs Rides

One of the most challenging aspects of vision loss is that driving privileges end. Your mom’s doctor told her she can no longer drive. That’s the part she struggles with the most. She likes going out for drives, visiting friends, and going shopping.

Get other family members and friends to stop by and ask her if she needs a ride anywhere. If you’re going to the mall, ask your mom if she’d like to go. Your brother likes to drive into the mountains once a month. He should ask your mom if she wants to join him.

Heighten Safety in the Home

Depending on the level of vision loss, your mom may still be able to see shadowy images. Brighter lighting in the home may help her. Install LED lighting in rooms that she spends the most time in.

Keep the floors clear of clutter. While you’re doing a deep cleaning of your mom’s home, organize everything so that items have a place to go that’s out of the way. Rearranging furniture to remove furniture that she might kick is also beneficial.

Arrange for Companion Care at Home Services

What is your mom going to find the most difficult? She loves to bake, but now she can’t see the ingredients or utensils. She can still bake, but she’ll need someone to measure and retrieve ingredients for her. She’ll still be able to knead the dough, and she’ll know when it’s ready by the feel.

Companion care at home is a vital service when your mom’s losing her vision. She can have caregivers helping her with everything from personal care and grooming to grocery shopping and meal preparation. Call our companion care at home agency to arrange for caregiver visits.


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