Celebrate National Senior Citizen Day Together

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan named August 21st National Senior Citizen Day. It became a day to celebrate the elderly and all they bring to communities and families. Make sure you take time this year to celebrate your dad’s role in your lives. Hire companion care at home providers to help him with issues he may be struggling to keep up with.

Hold a Family Gathering

Companion Care at Home Rohnert Park CA - Celebrate National Senior Citizen Day Together

Companion Care at Home Rohnert Park CA – Celebrate National Senior Citizen Day Together

Your dad often talks about the family reunions he had as a child. He loved seeing cousins, aunts, and uncles during these gatherings. Hold something similar at his home. Have everyone bring a dish and outdoor seating. Make sure you have paper plates, coolers with ice, and lots of beverages for everyone.

For an afternoon, everyone can chat, play backyard games, and enjoy a variety of dishes. Your dad will have plenty of chances to socialize with the family he sees often and some that he hasn’t seen in months.

Go On a Family Outing

Talk to others in the family about getting together for a day out. Get group tickets to a local museum or zoo, rent a pavilion at a state park, or find a park where picnickers are welcome.

This family outing can be low-key and should be something you know your dad enjoys. If you know he loves fishing, a picnic near a river where there are great fishing spots is perfect.

Bring Dinner to His House

Have everyone pick up or make your dad’s favorite foods. Bring those to his home for a family potluck dinner. You know that he loves apple pie with a scoop of a locally-made vanilla ice cream, so make him a pie and pick up a container of that ice cream.

Play Games or Take a Walk

As simple as it may seem, bring some board games to your dad’s house and play games after dinner. A selection of games that he’ll recognize, such as Monopoly and Yahtzee, and newer games like Apples to Apples and Ticket to Ride will keep everyone happy and appeal to all interests.

You don’t even need to bring games. You can play games like Pictionary or Dictionary without having supplies other than paper and pencils.

Go for a walk together. Pick the appropriate level for his abilities. Your dad may not be able to go up trails on mountains or long, hilly walks, but you can find level walking trails in parks, gardens, and boardwalks.

Ideally, look for paths that are on a list of wheelchair-accessible paths to know it’s going to be suitable for his mobility issues. Many state parks will mark the trail’s level. Look for easy or beginner trails.

Ensure That He’s Supported by Companion Care at Home Aides as Often as He Needs

What if you live too far away to do these things regularly? Your dad doesn’t have to be alone and lonely. Hire companion care at home services to ensure he has the support he needs to enjoy daily activities. With companion care at home services, your dad has someone to help him run errands, go for walks, clean his home, and enjoy healthy meals. Call to learn more.

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