Elderly Care in Healdsburg CA

Now that Cholesterol Education Month is here, it’s important to get an idea of just what cholesterol is and how it can affect elderly loved ones. Cholesterol is one of those tests that sounds pretty Elderly Care in Healdsburg CAscary at the doctor’s office, but few understand why it’s so bad. As you learn more about cholesterol and where your elderly loved one stands, you can help her to make changes to her lifestyle that can greatly improve her health.

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is an organic building block in everyone’s body. It’s made up of several components, among them low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and triglycerides. All of these components are fats. Some of them, like HDL, are the good fats that you need in order to function. LDL and triglycerides are among the fats that aren’t so good for you and should be lower. High amounts of bad cholesterol can cause heart disease, heart attacks, or stroke. The elderly are particularly susceptible to the effects of a lifetime of high cholesterol.

Keeping Cholesterol in Check

Some of the things that affect cholesterol level include activity levels, family history, and the types of foods that you eat. The elderly are more likely to have higher cholesterol levels, so it’s important that they have those levels checked regularly by their doctor. Some of the factors that influence cholesterol, such as family history and age, are things that your elderly loved one can’t do much about. Diet and activity levels, however, are variable and improving these can go a long way toward improving those cholesterol levels.

How You Can Help

If your elderly loved one is interested in having help with her cholesterol, it’s a good idea to start introducing exercise that she can do easily. Once her activity levels pick up, she can add other exercises or even bump up her intensity. Walking is a great exercise that even beginners can do easily, and you can spend time together while you do it. Another way you can help is to assist her with cutting back on saturated and trans fats in her diet. If she’s not much for cooking for herself, find a home care provider who can help with cooking and adjusting her diet.

In the end, it’s important that your elderly loved one understands where her cholesterol levels are so that she can make adjustments as needed.

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