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Better Hearing and Speech Month

Senior Care in Windsor CA: Better Hearing and Speech Month

Senior Care in Windsor CA: People seldom think about how much they depend on their ability to speak or hear properly until they start to diminish. It’s not unusual for elderly adults to suffer from hearing loss or speech disorders due to illness, injury, or age.

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Documents You Should Have with You When Traveling with a Senior

Senior Care in Windsor CA Whether you are getting ready for a summertime family adventure or planning ahead for trips to visit friends and family during the holiday season, traveling with your elderly parent can be a fun and fulfilling experience in your care journey. Making sure that you have everything that you need during…

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4 Tips for Helping a Senior Avoid Social Isolation

Senior Care in Windsor CA With all of the changes that come with aging, it can take a bit of getting used to for an elderly parent and their family. The things that people were able to do when they were young often requires a lot more effort for them to do now. Among the first things that…

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August 17th is National Thriftshop Day

Senior Care in Windsor CA Thrift shops, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, and second hand shopping of all kinds on eBay are terrific fun. These are the places to shop in order to get the “most bang for a buck!” There are many ways to enjoy second-hand stores. In-home professionals may find that elders…

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