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Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA

Senior Care Fun: Game and Puzzle Week

Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA Games and puzzles are a fantastic way to enhance your senior care plan by providing fun and engaging mental stimulation that helps to keep your aging loved ones’ minds sharp, their memory skills honed, their cognitive processing abilities strong, and their emotional health balanced. During the third week of…

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Aging and Vision Loss

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA As people age, there are a number of physical changes they go through including their eyesight. Over the age of 50, vision loss becomes a common complaint. However, people over the age of 65 tend to have a higher risk of having eye diseases and while this is not a…

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Don’t feel Discouraged, Incontinence Can Be Treated!

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA: Find Out The Reasons for Incontinence, and How to Treat It One of the more common problems faced by older people is something called urinary incontinence. Simply, urinary incontinence is the accidental leakage of urine from the bladder. It can be as mild as a slight wetting of underwear, or…

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Essential Steps for Elderly Oral Hygiene

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA The importance of good oral hygiene doesn’t diminish as we age. Taking proper care of mouth and teeth is essential for everyone.  The benefit of having a healthy mouth is you are able to eat healthy foods to give you nutrition. You will also feel positive about laughing, talking and…

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Let Your Voice be Heard about Senior Care

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA: This is a Client’s Story of His Family’s Struggle With the Decision to Hire Senior Care Services Matt had been living alone for more than five years before he began to notice his strength seriously declining. There were a couple of times when he was walking down the stairs that he…

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