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Senior Care in Petaluma CA

Helping Your Parent Prepare for and Handle a Dental Exam

Senior Care in Petaluma CA Keeping your parent’s mouth clean and healthy is a vital part of your care efforts for them. Problems in the mouth, including tooth decay, gum disease, and bacterial infections can lead to serious health complications throughout the rest of the body. These health complications can include increased risk of heart…

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Elderly Care Tips: Healthy Meal Ideas for Seniors

Senior Care in Petaluma CA If your loved ones are receiving in-home care due to a health condition, you may be concerned over their eating and lifestyle habits. You have every right to be concerned over your aging relative’s eating habits because many medical conditions could be prevented and cured through exercise and a healthy…

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Better Sleep Month

Senior Care in Petaluma CA The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that there is an epidemic of people who do not get sufficient sleep in America. The reason the CDC is concerned is that people who do not get enough sleep are a public health hazard. They get in automobile accidents more easily. They…

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