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Tips To Keep Your Aging Parents From Feeling Isolated

Hi, Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare. Here’s a few tips on helping your parents to not feel so isolated at home. My mom used to say to me “Oh honey, I don’t want to come because I can’t hear well, I will be the fifth wheel, I just don’t feel comfortable going out anymore”.…

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Keep Your Family History Alive For Generations

Hi it’s Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Homecare. Today I want to talk about keeping our family history alive, one of the things I know happens as we age, is we forget some of those fine details about our family’s history, incidents that happened when maybe our parents or grandparents were really young with their…

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Senior Care Home Upgrades For Aging Parents

Hi, Lucy Andrews, At Your Service Home Care. Today I want to talk about home safety. Do I really need to remodel my parent’s home? Well, that’s a really good question, and depending upon what’s going on with your individual parent or loved one, the answer may be yes and the answer may be no,…

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Senior Care Technology – iPad

Hi, Lucy Andrews here, At Your Service Home Care. Have you ever thought about getting your parents an iPad? Maybe they’re not even familiar with computers but a iPad is a wonderful tool and a great use of technology that we can help our parents do very basic things and very complex things, and it’s…

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Importance of Good Nutrition As We Age

Hi, it’s Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner, “At Your Service Home Care” in Santa Rosa, CA. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about nutrition. Nutrition as we age is so very important for so many reasons. Oftentimes, as we age we struggle to keep weight on, we struggle to keep the…

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Keep Your Loved One Moving For Their Health

Hi its Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner “At Your Service Home Care“. Today, we’re going to talk about something that is so important. What if I could tell you one thing that could help your loved one, stay at home longer, be safer and stronger? Well, that one thing is movement. I don’t…

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