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How Family Caregivers Can Deal With Resentment Regarding Gender Roles

Home Care Services Santa Rosa CA It comes as no surprise to many that most family caregivers – approximately 67% – are female. Statistics show that the average caregiver is a working woman who is 49 years old. More and more men are taking on the caregiver role, but their statistics are still far behind…

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Making Your Parents a Part of Home Care Decisions

Home Care Santa Rosa CA: Your Elderly Parents Should be an Active Part of Making Home Care Decisions When you start to notice a decline in your parents’ ability to care for themselves it is easy to get swept up in feelings of love, concern, and responsibility and start making decisions about their care plans.…

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Dementia Touches Many Lives

Home Care Santa Rosa CA: Most People Have Somehow Been Personally Affected by This Detrimental Illness Dementia in a psychiatric setting is defined as “severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain,” according to Most people in North America have…

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Autumn is around the Corner: What to Know about the Flu and Home Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Even though we are still in the heart of summer, certain parts of the country are wondering if autumn has come early. Throughout much of the northern Plains and the Northeast of the United States, summer has been, to put it mildly, a dud. A few hot days is about all that these regions have seen. Moving through August, means that fall is just around the corner and that means it is time to consider the flu and flu vaccines for those who rely on home care.

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4 Tips to Have Fun in the Sun Safely with Home Care Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Even though the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier every day now, that doesn’t mean the summer is over. In fact, the hottest months of the year throughout most of the country happen to be July and August, with some areas experiencing incredible warmth during September as well. When an elderly individual relies on home care services, one thing that should be considered is staying safe while heading out in the sun.

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Home Care Santa Rosa, CA: Topics in Caregiving

Caregivers are a critically important part of the elderly loved one’s life and support system. Who are the caregivers and what do they do? Caregivers are usually a family member, and they often still have jobs or younger family members at home to take care of. This makes caregivers the center of the sandwich generation as well as very busy people trying to manage many responsibilities at one time.

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