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Stop the Grandparent Scam Before Money is Sent

Home Care in Oakmont CA: Stopping the Grandparent Scam

Home Care in Oakmont CA: What do you know about the grandparent scam? According to the FBI’s website, the scam has been around for a decade. Scammers are able to pull off the scam by scouring social media accounts, digging into sites that show family histories, and looking up numbers on online phone directories.

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Dealing with Vision Problems After 60

Home Care in Oakmont CA One of the many changes the body goes through as it ages is a loss of vision. For some, the vision change is very subtle, but others who have more severe cases may have to completely alter their lifestyle. There are a number of eye diseases older adults are susceptible…

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Seniors and Stress Awareness

Home Care in Oakmont CA Seniors have many reasons to get stressed, not the least of which are the fear of losing their independence, living alone, and/or being on a reduced or set income. Stress can create health problems or worsen already existing ones, especially in seniors. Here are some signs you can watch for…

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Knowing the Warning Signs for Heart Failure

Home Care in Oakmont CA According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 92 percent of people report knowing that chest pains are a symptom of heart attack. While this is a hopeful statistic, a fairly startling one is that just over 25 percent knew all of the major symptoms that indicate a potentially…

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