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What Are The Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome?

Elder Care in Cotati CA: Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

Elder Care in Cotati CA: Restless leg syndrome, also referred to as RLS, is a relatively common condition that affects approximately one out of every 10 people throughout the United States. Though it can occur in people of any age, including children, the frequency and severity of symptoms tends to increase as a person gets older.

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FAQs about Post-Stroke Care for Seniors

Caregiver in Rohnert Park CA: Post Stroke Care

Caregiver in Rohnert Park CA: Strokes can significantly affect an elderly person’s ability to live independently, causing them to need a family caregiver and elderly care services just to remain in their own home. Strokes can cause partial paralysis, loss of balance, vision difficulties, speech problems, memory loss, cognitive challenges, and more. Seniors often reach the point where they need help for even the most basic self-care tasks like bathing or grooming.

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3 Lesser Known Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Elder Care in Cotati CA: Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Elder Care in Cotati CA: When most people think about the side effects of cancer treatment, things like vomiting, hair loss, and weakness probably come to mind. However, cancer treatment can cause a wide variety of side effects. Which side effects a person experiences can depend on the kind of treatment they are having, drugs used for treatment, and the part of the body being treated.

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What Do You Do if Your Dad Has Diverticulitis?

Caregiver in Windsor CA: Caring for a Senior with Diverticulitis

Caregiver in Windsor CA: After the age of 40, diverticula become a common issue. These small pouches are found on the lining of the large intestine. Usually, they are not a problem. For unknown reasons, fecal matter sometimes gets into the pouches. If they become infected or irritated, they can lead to diverticulitis.

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What’s the Best Way to Manage High Cholesterol?

Elderly Care in Cotati CA: Managing High Cholesterol

Elderly Care in Cotati CA: If your aging relative has high cholesterol, they are at a higher risk for heart attack and heart disease. When someone is diagnosed with high cholesterol, the doctor may first suggest lifestyle changes before prescribing cholesterol lowering medications. Or, they may suggest the changes in addition to taking a prescription drug. Wondering how you can help your loved one manage high cholesterol? Here are some tips.

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