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Could Lack of Sleep Lead to Dehydration?

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA: Lack of Sleep and Dehydration

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA: Older adults are at a greater risk for becoming dehydrated because their bodies naturally contain less fluid. In addition, they are more likely to be taking certain medications that may have dehydration as a side effect. Now, a new study shows that there may be an additional risk factor for dehydration—lack of sleep.

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How Do You Solve the Problem of Malnourishment for Your Elderly Loved One?

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA Once you realize that your loved one isn’t as well-nourished as she should be, the problem shifts to solving that issue. Finding the right solution might require a combination of different strategies depending on why she’s not getting enough nourishment.   Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor Before you do…

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Memory Day

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA If you are like many family caregivers, your parent’s memory is a strong focus of your elderly care journey with him. Whether he is already showing signs of a memory that is not as strong, sharp, and quick as it used to be, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or…

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