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Cats and Seniors: A Purr-fect Match

Elder Care in Santa Rosa CA: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Elder Care in Santa Rosa CA: June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and it’s the ideal time to consider getting a cat for your aging mom or dad. Cats are especially good company for elderly people as they are not as demanding as dogs and lead a more subdued lifestyle that fits better with seniors who are less mobile.

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Preparing for an Emergency with Elder Care Doesn’t Mean One is Imminent

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Are You Prepared for an Emergency? Just because you may be preparing for an emergency situation as an elder care provider, that doesn’t mean one is going to happen anytime soon. Many people happen to be superstitious and, as a result, may avoid thinking about potential emergency situations. In reality,…

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Take this Opportunity to Write Your Life’s Story

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Now is The Perfect Time To Get Your Aging Loved One To Sit Down and Start Writing! Do your children or grandchildren or any other family members know about their ancestry? Do they know about your parents and grandparents? Do they know where they came from (in the world), what…

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Brain Boosting Bonuses for Seniors!

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: It’s Important to Exercise the Brain! Here are a Few Ideas to Get Started! Providing elder care is an important responsibility, whether you are a family member or paid professional. There are numerous things that you have to focus on, from safety to diet, from ensuring that the individual takes…

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA – 8 Ways to Make a Senior Feel Special

Our beloved seniors grew up in a time much different from our own in some ways. They were very independent and weren’t accustomed to asking for help. Instead, they were always the first to offer help in most circumstances. Because of this, they might even have a tough time in their senior years to ask for help when needed. It’s a difficult time for them when they need assistance but can’t bring themselves to ask.

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Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: How Can Elderly Health Care Help Your Loved One

Being a caregiver for an elderly parent is a big responsibility, and even though it’s rewarding to be able to help the mother or father that raised you, not very many adult children can do everything for them without feeling a lot of stress. If you still want to care for your parent but need some help with things for a few days a week, home care for the elderly is the perfect solution. Your aging parent’s desire to age at home and not go to a senior facility is one that’s shared by many Americans.

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Eye Health and Elder Care in Santa Rosa CA: Why It’s So Important!

For those of us whose vision is strong, whether you need corrective lenses or not, it can be easy to take your sight for granted. Yet for those whose vision is beginning to decline, or fail, it can be an unnerving and even downright frightening. When it comes to elder care, helping to keep elderly patients’ eyes in good health is crucial to safety and happiness at home.

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Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Obesity and Weight Management

There are many causes for concern when providing elder care for someone who is obese. Health complications and the risk of being affected by various diseases are more likely to arise for elderly people who are obese. It is important to create awareness to the health risks at stake for a person who is obese and take positive steps to getting weight management under control.

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Getting Help

The wisest thing a family caregiver can do is to know when to get help. This is especially true when the elderly loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia. These diseases affect the brain which controls communication, behavior, speech, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, memory and so forth. What happens in a family when grandmother is…

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