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Elder Care in Santa Rosa CA

Elder Care: Three Ways to Improve Your Physical Health

Elder Care in Santa Rosa CA Increasing physical activity in your aging parent or elderly loved one may seem like a daunting task. There may physical limitations that make implementing exercise into your loved one’s routine challenging. When it comes to elder care, regardless of your loved one’s level of ability, there are easy everyday…

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The Undeniable Connection between Diet and Health

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Is Your Aging Loved One Getting Proper Nutrition? One of the first steps towards maintaining good health is to have a healthy diet. This becomes even more obvious in the case of seniors. Regular exercise and a healthy eating plan can make them much more resistant against disease. The elderly…

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When Caring For an Aging Loved One Communication is Key

Elderly Care Santa Rosa CA: Learn Ways on To Communicate Better With Your Senior Loved One Caring for an aging parent can be difficult. Roles in the family change, you are now taking care of a parent who once took care of you. Arguments and tension are bound to arise as feelings and opinions are…

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA – Happy and Healthy Elder Years

As a child it was your mom who took you to see the doctor when you were ill. Now the tables have turned and you are the one driving her to her doctor appointments. You are likely doing much more than that. It can be both challenging and intimidating to be responsible for our parent’s care, and all their caregiving needs. There will be changes in health as they age of course, but you are in a perfect position to advocate for their care.

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Tips for Providing Good Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA

If you want to provide good, quality elder care for a loved one, such as your mother or father, there are some tips that you can use to help you in that task. You might not think that you can do some of these ideas, but the more than you can do, the better it…

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How Technology is Changing Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA

By the time Allison had a stroke at 83, she was still living on her own and quite active within her community. However, she understood the increasing likelihood of suffering a serious medical emergency. With foresight and some help from her children, Allison made sure that all of her medical records were converted to electronic…

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