It can be hard for teens to find ways to bond with their grandparents. You help your mom and dad out each day, and it often means bringing your teens with you before you take them to school or take them to their game or practice. While you clean, cook, and complete other tasks, they struggle to bond. How can you help your parents and teens enjoy each other when there’s a generation gap?


Caregiver Windsor CA - Activities That Help Your Parents and Teens Bridge the Generation Gap

Caregiver Windsor CA – Activities That Help Your Parents and Teens Bridge the Generation Gap

Athletic teens will enjoy teaching their grandparents new activities outside. Your teens could teach their grandparents how to play soccer golf or disc golf. They may enjoy spending time outside orienteering or playing miniature golf together.

Pair the activities to your parents’ abilities. Let them lead on some days. A walk on a nature trail where they teach their grandkids about the different trees, flowers, and animals may appeal to them. They may also enjoy teaching your teens about outdoor games from their childhood like Kick the Can or Stick Ball.


If you have a teen who enjoys problem-solving and puzzle games, have your mom or dad tackle some family genealogy projects with them. Dig into the family history and see what they can discover together.

Your teens may be intrigued to learn that they’re related to one of the former presidents. They could find out that one distant cousin was on the Titanic. Along the way, everyone learns new stories about their family’s foundations.

Board, Card, and Video Games

Board games are trending, so it’s likely your teens will enjoy introducing your parents to some modern games. Your parents could show off some older games, too.

Ticket to Ride is a popular strategy game that your parents will love. It’s also a big hit with teens and young adults. You collect cards, lay down rail lines, and try to dominate the board in this strategy game.

Mille Bornes dates back to 1954. It’s a card game where players try to complete the most miles. Along the way, there are hazards like flat tires, empty gas tanks, and traffic accidents.

Your teen could also introduce your parents to modern video games and play together. Your parents may have a few things to teach your teen if they spent time with you playing Atari and Intellivision games. There are affordable copies of older video game systems that include dozens of built-in games.

Make sure you have equal time to spend with your teen. While you want to help your mom and dad, you can’t abandon the things you and your teen enjoy doing together.

With the help of the area caregivers, you’ll have someone to help your parents when you want to take a day off. Take the day and do things with your kids knowing your parents are in great hands. Call our agency and ask about caregivers and their prices.

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