Caregivers very often run into problems taking better care of themselves. In fact, you might think that skimping on self-care is the way to do more as a caregiver. You’d be wrong. Caring for yourself more effectively makes you more effective at caring for everyone else in your life.

Caregiver Healdsburg CA - The Big Three Areas You Need to Focus on to Care for Yourself

Caregiver Healdsburg CA – The Big Three Areas You Need to Focus on to Care for Yourself

What You’re Eating

Food is fuel. If you’re not eating foods that give your body enough nutrients, you’re going to feel the results of that every single day. Eating foods that are high in calories but lacking in nutrients can’t sustain you for long. Focus on eating foods that are nutrient-dense, like vegetables, fruits, and proteins that have low fat levels. Everyone’s body is different, though, so if you feel as if you aren’t getting what you need from your diet, work with your doctor to determine how you should be eating. That can help you to have the energy you need to keep being a caregiver.

How Much Sleep You’re Getting

Sleep can be tough for a caregiver to come by. First, there’s often the fact that you’re doing an awful lot each day. If you don’t convince your brain to shut down when it’s time for you to get some shut eye, you run the risk of not getting the rest you desperately need. The other problem is often that caregivers look at sleep as something they can sacrifice in order to get more done. That’s not realistic, though. Sleep is always the higher priority because it rests your body and your brain.

Whether You’re Exercising

You have to move your body, for multiple reasons. One of the biggest is that exercise releases endorphins. Those are the chemicals that help to improve your mood and that help you to manage stress. The other reason to exercise is that your senior may need your physical help more and more. By exercising, you’re building up your strength and your stamina. Both of which are going to be things you’re going to need as your caregiving journey progresses.

It is not easy at all to take care of yourself when you’re spending time and energy caring for your aging adult. Your focus can get scattered easily and you can drop the ball in one or more of these areas. When you find yourself doing that, odds are that you need to take time for just yourself. Rely on home care providers to take over for you while you regroup.

Excerpt: That old saying about how you have to care for yourself in order to be a caregiver is incredibly true. And these three areas of focus can help you to succeed.

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