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Could Lack of Sleep Lead to Dehydration?

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA: Lack of Sleep and Dehydration

Elderly Care in Sonoma CA: Older adults are at a greater risk for becoming dehydrated because their bodies naturally contain less fluid. In addition, they are more likely to be taking certain medications that may have dehydration as a side effect. Now, a new study shows that there may be an additional risk factor for dehydration—lack of sleep.

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Stop the Grandparent Scam Before Money is Sent

Home Care in Oakmont CA: Stopping the Grandparent Scam

Home Care in Oakmont CA: What do you know about the grandparent scam? According to the FBI’s website, the scam has been around for a decade. Scammers are able to pull off the scam by scouring social media accounts, digging into sites that show family histories, and looking up numbers on online phone directories.

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