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Thrift shops, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, and second hand shopping of all kinds on eBay are terrific fun. These are the places to shop in order to get the “most bang for a buck!” There areSenior Care in Windsor CA many ways to enjoy second-hand stores. In-home professionals may find that elders might actually enjoy an afternoon of “treasure” hunting in thrift shops.  Monday, August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day, making it the perfect day to go on this adventure!

The Three “Rs”
Most seniors remember the three R’s:  reading, (w)riting, and (a)rithmetic.  In contemporary times, the three R’s now stand for: reuse, repurpose, and recycle. With a little imagination, used things that are no longer fit for their original purpose, can be made into something with a brand new purpose.

Three Reuse Ideas
1) A cracked picnic cooler can make the perfect solar oven. All one needs is a bit of thick clear plastic (or glass) and some aluminum foil.  Just mix floor, water, and baker’s yeast to make bread dough, then put it in a bread pan and put the pan in the solar oven. Leave it in the sun for a few hours and out pops freshly baked bread. This fun, easy project takes minimal skills to construct and costs little money.

2) An old dress with an interesting flowery print may no longer work as a dress, yet it could provide enough material to cut and make into a nice table cover for a small table or nightstand. The reverse is also true – a large tablecloth may provide enough material to make into a simple skirt!

The idea is not to see old clothes when going to the thrift store, but instead to look at them as a supply of inexpensive fabrics to make into other things.

3) Bandanas are also fun to use in new and different ways.

Donate as Well
Part of the process includes getting rid of clutter in the house.  Gather the things that never see much use and give them away.

Take the time to “think outside of the box” and participate in National Thrift Shop Day!

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