Senior Care in Cotati CA

While the disconnect between elders and technology is highlighted and exaggerated in the media, seniors are unlikely to adopt a new device just because it exists. Demonstrating value is Senior-Care-Cotati-CAimportant to get them to become accustomed to using a smartphone or tablet, and these five apps are guaranteed to stimulate and motivate even the most stubborn people.

1. Lumosity
No matter how young or old you are, people enjoy being mentally challenged and stimulated. Lumosity is a robust game that exercises the portions of the brain that govern memory, pattern recognition, logic, and more. The app also stores profiles and scores so they can compete with themselves over time and see their minds improve. The game has even appeared on lists designed for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, and the benefit of such games for preventing mental degradation is recognized by groups like the Alzheimer’s Association.

2. Skype
Skype is a powerful communication tool that is widely used across the world. The mobile version of the software features easily seen and understood buttons for chatting in text, voice, or video. This unprecedented and immediate access to friends and family can be amazingly beneficial for senior care patients who are otherwise limited in their mobility and ability to adventure out for socialization. Best of all, the app is free to use.

3. Kindle
The Kindle app is a book reader and storefront for digital copies of almost every book imaginable. The app itself is free, and purchasing a copy of a book links it permanently to an account, allowing you to download and read it whenever you choose. Since the app remembers where you left off in a book, they also never have to worry about losing their page or a bookmark falling out of place.

4.  Card Games
While this is more of a category than one particular app, you can easily find a variant of every classic card game in the app store for the device. Whether they enjoy Hearts, Spades, Poker, or Solitaire, there is a version of their favorite card game available for download. Many of them are free, but paying a small fee to avoid constant advertisements can make them more palatable. Be sure to look for versions with multiplayer capability so your loved one can find friends – old and new – with which to play.

5. Google Music
Nothing lifts the spirit like a great song. Google’s musical application has an immense library of sound that is presented in an easily used manner. With the app, your loved one can quickly select pre-made playlists, search for their favorite artists, or go on an automated exploratory journey that trails through music similar to a specified song or artist. There is a small subscription fee, but it is negligible compared to the capabilities of the app.

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