Elderly Care in Novato CA

If your loved one has COPD or other breathing problems, an episode where he can’t catch his breath can sneak up just about anywhere. Whether he’s out in public or just hanging out at home, it’s Elderly-Care-in-Novato-CAimportant to be able to guide him to a comfortable position so he can take the time to catch his breath. You may also want to ask your loved one’s elder care providers for tips as to how to help your loved one be more comfortable.

Sitting in a Chair with a Back
The back is important, because it allows your loved one to rest his core muscles against the back of the chair. If only backless seating is available, you might want to try one of the other positions. Have your loved one sit with his back touching the chair’s back. He’ll need to relax his upper body and rest his arms on his legs. His feet should be flat on the floor, if possible, and overall his body should just be in a relaxed position. He should stay in this position until he catches his breath.

Sitting with a Pillow
This is a good position if there is only backless seating available. There should be a table or something in front of him that your loved one can rest on. Place a pillow or a folded blanket on the table and have your loved one lean over and rest his upper body on the pillow. Have your loved one keep his feet firmly on the floor. His entire body should stay relaxed, letting him have the time that he needs to catch his breath.

In the absence of all seating, your loved one can still be comfortable catching his breath in a standing position. Find something that he can lean against, such as a wall. Have him stand just far enough away from the wall to be able to slightly lean. Again he should keep his body relaxed, allowing himself the time he needs to catch his breath.

The most comfortable position for your loved one may vary from one situation to another. In some cases, you may even need to go with the flow wherever you are in order to help him catch his breath.

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