What Services Are Essential to Memory Care?

Your mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. If you’ve never experienced this disease, it can be a challenging road to navigate. Her doctors may offer advice that ends up not fitting your family’s situation well enough. You may not know where to turn for help. Having 24-hour home care providers available could be very useful.

24-Hour Home Care Cotati CA - What Services Are Essential to Memory Care?

24-Hour Home Care Cotati CA – What Services Are Essential to Memory Care?

Before you do anything else, get to know the different services available from a local Alzheimer’s care provider. Having the support of trained caregivers can make a big difference for your mom and her family caregivers.

These are the areas where you’re going to need help and 24-hour home care providers can assist with these needs.


Once your mom’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her doctor will recommend that she stops driving. It’s too risky to have her on the road and forget how to get back home. Her cognitive skills may diminish and lead to slowed reaction times.

As soon as she’s told to stop driving, your mom needs to have someone available to take her shopping, to medical appointments, or to local businesses. It’s safer for her and for others on the road to let others drive.

Meal Preparation

Meals are one of the first things your mom will struggle with. As her memory and fine motor skills diminish, she’ll need help. One of the biggest issues is that your mom will start to cook a meal and forget it.

Imagine what could happen if your mom put a pizza in the oven and forgot it before going to bed. A kitchen fire is a strong possibility. You need to cut power and gas to her cooking appliances and hire someone to prepare meals and snacks for your mom.

Bathing and Personal Care

Your mom may be taking care of her oral care, hygiene, and grooming for now, but the day will come when she can’t do it anymore. She’s going to need help with showering, combing/styling her hair, and taking care of her skin. She’ll need help brushing and flossing her teeth.

As the disease progresses, help with toileting, dressing, and nail care is also essential. Be ready to have someone available to help her as the need arises.

Respite Care with 24-Hour Home Care Providers

You also want to have caregivers available for days you need to take a break. Respite care is a service where you take a day off and caregivers help your mom while you’re away.

Alzheimer’s care can be arranged at any time, but it’s better for your mom to have time to adjust to her caregiver. The earlier into the disease that you arrange professional caregivers, the easier it is for your mom to learn to recognize and become familiar with her caregiver.

Get started by going online and filling out the form or calling our 24-hour home care specialist. You’ll go over your mom’s level of cognitive impairment and how fast her progression has been so far. That helps determine the services she needs now and in the months to come.

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