Benefits Of Overnight Care For Seniors Recovering From A Stroke

When a senior loved one comes home from the hospital after having a stroke their chances of having another stroke are often high. And they may be still healing from the physical effects of the stroke. Sometimes they need months of rehab and home care before they are back at full capacity. In those weeks and months after a stroke overnight care or 24-hour home care services can make a huge difference for seniors and their families. 24-hour home care means that your senior loved one will never be alone.

If you have to go back to work or you need to be with your kids overnight you can have a 24-hour home care provider there who will do things like:

Assess Your Senior Parent’s Current Physical Status

24-Hour Home Care Novato CA - Benefits Of Overnight Care For Seniors Recovering From A Stroke

24-Hour Home Care Novato CA – Benefits Of Overnight Care For Seniors Recovering From A Stroke

While your senior loved one is recovering from a strong it’s important that someone is checking their physical health often because it can change quickly. When your senior loved one has 24-hour home care their current status can be evaluated every hour or every couple of hours around the clock to make sure that there have been no negative changes in their health. A care provider can also keep a log of these health checks and document any changes so that you and your senior parent can talk to their doctor about any changes that occur.

Get Emergency Help If Necessary

If your senior loved one does have another stroke a care provider will be able to summon help immediately. Even if it’s the middle of the night your senior parent will be able to get essential medical help. And when a senior parent has a stroke getting help as quickly as possible will increase their chance of surviving the stroke. It also increases the chances that there won’t be serious damage to the body from the stroke.

Help Your Senior Loved One With Basic Tasks

When your senior parent has an overnight caregiver they will be able to safely back and forth to the bathroom, shower before bed, and do other tasks that could be risky if they were alone. Seniors often fall when they are alone and when your senior loved one is recovering from a stroke and unsteady on their feet they are much more likely to fall. With 24-hour home care, someone will always be at the house to help your senior loved one get around, get dressed, and take a shower or a bath.

24-Hour Home Care Aides Keep Your Senior Parent Company

Seniors are often scared and lonely when they are recovering from a stroke. And being alone at night just makes the anxiety and fear even stronger. But when an overnight care provider is there with your senior loved one to provide conversation and watch TV with them your senior loved one won’t be as anxious. Sometimes just knowing that they aren’t alone can make a huge change in a senior’s mood and get rid of the anxiety that they’re feeling. And that will help them recover faster from their stroke.

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