When you’re taking care of a senior parent there are bound to be some awkward conversations when it comes to personal care. Your senior loved one wants to have privacy and dignity but may need help with personal care tasks. 24-hour home care providers can help make things less awkward by helping your senior parent shower and get dressed.

Ways You and 24-Hour Home Care Services can Assist Your Loved One

24-Hour Home Care Sebastopol CA - Personal Care Items Every Senior Needs

24-Hour Home Care Sebastopol CA – Personal Care Items Every Senior Needs

Here are also some products you can discreetly keep stocked for your senior parent so that they can keep themselves clean and tidy without having to ask you for products or for help. Your senior loved one’s 24-hour care provider can let you know when you need to buy more of products like these for senior loved one.

Shower Brush

A shower brush allows seniors who can still mostly shower on their own to clean themselves without needing anyone’s help and without having to strain or stretch in uncomfortable ways to reach all parts of their bodies. A shower brush can help seniors maintain good skin health by cleansing the skin and removing dead skin cells using the brush with some gentle soap.

No-Rinse Shampoo Caps

Washing their hair can be difficult for seniors. But having clean and healthy hair is important for keeping up a senior’s self esteem and making them feel confident and good about themselves. No-rinse shower caps are the perfect solution for seniors who can’t wash their hair easily. The senior’s hair is tucked inside the cap, which already has shampoo and conditioner inside. Either the senior or a 24-hour home care provider massages the hair inside the cap for around three minutes working the shampoo and the conditioner through the hair. When it’s removed the senior’s hair is left clean, soft, and feeling great.

No-Rinse Bathing Wipes

Bathing wipes are similar to no-rinse shampoo caps but they are disposable. They often come in packs or 8-10, which is about how many wipes a typical senior needs to clean their entire body. These wipes make it easier for seniors to clean themselves up when they can’t or don’t want to shower so that they don’t feel dirty and uncomfortable. They can be used anywhere on the body and can help prevent skin infections and other health problems that arise when seniors have difficulty with personal hygiene tasks.

Adult Diapers And Incontinence Rash Spray

It’s very common from seniors to not want to discuss their incontinence issues with their children or with caregivers. But incontinence is a very common problem among seniors. Keeping their favorite brand of adult diapers stocked up and making sure they have incontinence rash spray so that they can prevent rashes in sensitive areas from being wet is something you should do for your senior loved one.


Dry skin is uncomfortable and it can crack or bleed and that can lead to skin infections. Make sure that there are bottles and tubes of high quality lotion throughout the house for your senior parent. Put one next to each sink in the house and keep some next to your senior parent’s favorite chair in the living room too.

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