Address Your Mom’s Care Needs During World Alzheimer’s Month

In the U.S. alone, there are 6.5 million adults with Alzheimer’s disease. Around the world, an estimated 55 million have Alzheimer’s. These are important facts to know during September’s World Alzheimer’s Month. You know this all too well as your mom is one of those statistics. She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and you’re still learning what to do about it. Sit down with the family and have these tough conversations right now. Consider how 24-hour home care providers can help.

Who Is Available to Help Out?

24-Hour Home Care Petaluma CA - Address Your Mom's Care Needs During World Alzheimer's Month

24-Hour Home Care Petaluma CA – Address Your Mom’s Care Needs During World Alzheimer’s Month

Your mom will need a lot of help, even in the early stages. One of the first things she has to do is give up her keys. She can’t drive as it’s too risky for her to forget where she’s going or how to quickly react if something happens. She needs rides to stores, medical and dental practices, and other area businesses.

As the disease progresses, she’s also going to need help with household chores like laundry. She might start a load and forget it. Days later, it’s musty and the entire house is smelling of sour, wet laundry and has to be re-washed.

She can’t cook meals without supervision or a kitchen fire is possible. She may start wandering or failing to remember which is her home. Your mom goes outside without sunscreen and gets a severe sunburn. Don’t be surprised if she forgets the difference between toothpaste and eye cream or glass cleaner and face toner.

Your mom needs a lot of supervision, and it’s hard for family members who are still working to manage all of these hours. 24-hour home care is essential.

What Does She Want?

Ask your mom what she wants in terms of care as the disease progresses. There may be tasks she doesn’t want her adult children or grandchildren helping her complete. She may not be comfortable with her grown son helping her shower and dress. Respect her wishes.

Think about the different stages and help she’ll need. Eventually, sundowning can kick in and cause your mom to become scared, sad, and even outraged. If she reaches a point where she’s biting, punching, and kicking, would she want her children exposed to those behavioral issues?

Hire 24-hour home care providers sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get on some lists. Work with your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter and gather information in the early stages.

As your mom’s care needs progress, the 24-hour home care professional you’ve been working with can help your family. You cannot ignore your needs for self-care. Doing so will lead to conditions like caregiver burnout, anxiety, and depression. Call our 24-hour home care agency today.


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