24-Hour Home Care: What Happens If Your Mom Gets Omicron?

On January 1st, the CDC reported over 161,000 new cases of COVID-19. The quick spread of Omicron is behind some of the increase. Holiday gatherings are also behind it. Your mom has Omicron. What happens now? Omicron appears to be less severe than other forms of coronavirus, but it’s still important to stop the spread. At the same time, you want to make sure your mom doesn’t feel alone. She may be scared and want to know she’s not alone. Here are the things to do to keep her comfortable. Now would be a good time to consider bringing in 24-hour home care services.

Isolate Her and Others Near Her

24-Hour Home Care Rohnert Park CA - 24-Hour Home Care: What Happens If Your Mom Gets Omicron?

24-Hour Home Care Rohnert Park CA – 24-Hour Home Care: What Happens If Your Mom Gets Omicron?

Start by making sure your mom self-quarantines. She doesn’t want others to be around her unless they’re masked and repeatedly wash hands and sterilize surfaces and items she touches. Have her wear a mask as much as possible around the home, too.

Those who are helping your mom need to monitor themselves, too. Self-test kits for COVID can help you track any spread. If you need groceries or medications, order them for home delivery where possible or arrange contactless pick-up in the parking lot.

Keep Her Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential when she’s sick. She may not feel up to doing more than sleeping, but she needs to stay hydrated to help flush the virus from her body. Ideally, she wants to drink plenty of broth, herbal tea, and water. Aim for two liters each day.

If she’s not feeling up to eating, bone broth offers many of the nutrients she needs. Make it using beef or chicken bones, some vegetables, ginger, and herbs. Strain it and keep it in the refrigerator. When she’s in the mood for a warm drink, heat some in the microwave.

Be Sure You Don’t Panic

If your mom is vaccinated, she may only have mild symptoms that resemble the flu. She may have a fever, a lack of energy, a dry cough, and a headache. Some people with Omicron also report having night sweats.

Talk to her doctor about whether ibuprofen or acetaminophen is better at helping keep her fever down. Ask about the symptoms to watch for that indicate a need for medical attention.

The doctor’s guidance is important. It’s also crucial that you have others helping your mom during the day and night. You can’t be the only one helping her. It would be best if you had enough sleep, too.

Consider 24-Hour Home Care Services

Have you considered having 24-hour home care services for now? If you worry about your mom being alone all night, around-the-clock care eases your worries. Plus, it ensures your mom has the support she needs. Call our expert in 24-hour home care services to get started.

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