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Archive for December 2016

Yoga and Your Elderly Parent

Home Care in Sonoma CA While nutritious eating and exercise are the hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle, many seniors find that as their bodies change, their ability to perform certain exercises diminishes.  Arthritis, diabetes or cardiovascular disease may play a part in slowing down their exercise routine and leave them home in their recliner more…

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Tips for Preserving a Senior’s Modesty with Bathing

Elder Care in Petaluma CA Most elderly adults are from a time when modesty was highly valued and behaviors and opinions toward personal care were quite different than they are today. If your elderly loved one has developed challenges and limitations that make it difficult for them to handle personal tasks such as bathing on…

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Why Every Caregiver Should Use Respite Care

Senior Care in Oakmont CA   The role of caregiver is usually occupied by well-meaning family members who want to help their elderly parent with the tasks they are unable to do. While their intentions are good, the responsibilities that end up being put on their lap can take a toll on their health. According…

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How Caregivers can Reduce Their Stress

Elderly Care in Rohnert Park CA As a caregiver, you are faced with many unique challenges each day. All of these responsibilities can add up, causing you to feel stressed. By ignoring your stress, it can take a toll on your health, causing you to feel depressed or burned out. Taking care of yourself should…

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