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Archive for December 2015

Should Seniors Be Concerned About BPA?

Senior Care in Oakmont CA Chances are you’ve heard about BPA, or you have seen things labeled as “BPA Free.”  BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical that is used to harden plastics and it can be found in items that seniors use every day such as water bottles and food containers.  With the recent…

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Exciting Ways to Celebrate New Year’s with Your Senior

Senior Care in Sonoma CA When an elderly loved one lives in your home, you have to keep their needs in mind for planning for the holidays. As New Year’s approaches, it’s a great idea to plan a fun celebration that will ring in the New Year while keeping the senior’s health challenges in mind.…

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Elderly Care Tips: Healthy Meal Ideas for Seniors

Senior Care in Petaluma CA If your loved ones are receiving in-home care due to a health condition, you may be concerned over their eating and lifestyle habits. You have every right to be concerned over your aging relative’s eating habits because many medical conditions could be prevented and cured through exercise and a healthy…

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Apps that Will Make Seniors Love Their Smart Device

Senior Care in Cotati CA While the disconnect between elders and technology is highlighted and exaggerated in the media, seniors are unlikely to adopt a new device just because it exists. Demonstrating value is important to get them to become accustomed to using a smartphone or tablet, and these five apps are guaranteed to stimulate…

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