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Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun! John, Fran, Brie, Amber, and Christine having some Halloween fun in the office. If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in Sebastopol, CA, call At Your Service Home Care.  Call today! Sonoma County: (707) 238-5700 or Marin County: (415) 942-8955

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Lucy Andrews, RN, MS meets Kelley Johnson, RN

Kelley Johnson, RN Kelley Johnson on being a nurse and competing for Miss America: “I am a nurse. And that’s my talent, taking care of people and caring about other people. And so I wanted to give the nurses that don’t have that voice, that voice and that recognition of just somebody going up there…

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Senior Care Fun: Game and Puzzle Week

Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA Games and puzzles are a fantastic way to enhance your senior care plan by providing fun and engaging mental stimulation that helps to keep your aging loved ones’ minds sharp, their memory skills honed, their cognitive processing abilities strong, and their emotional health balanced. During the third week of…

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Caring for an Elder with a Mental Illness

Elder Care in Petaluma CA Being the family caregiver for someone with a mental illness often comes with a mixed bag of emotions for both you and the elder. One minute they are in a great mood and the next they are filled with anger, confusion, and an aggressive behavior. About 15 percent of older adults…

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5 Ways to Make a Home Suitable for a Senior

Senior Care in Cotati CA One of the biggest decisions a person will make is buying a house. The home that a person needs at 35 is not necessarily the home they will need at 75. As people age, they may start to notice that the home they are living in is harder to get around…

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Is Your Elderly Loved One Battling Incontinence?

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA Incontinence is embarrassing and frustrating for everyone involved. If your elderly loved one is dealing with incontinence, she likely doesn’t want to talk about it often. Talking about the problem can help you to make sure that you come up with a plan that fits your loved one’s lifestyles, however.…

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