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Archive for August 2015

Cholesterol and Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care in Healdsburg CA Now that Cholesterol Education Month is here, it’s important to get an idea of just what cholesterol is and how it can affect elderly loved ones. Cholesterol is one of those tests that sounds pretty scary at the doctor’s office, but few understand why it’s so bad. As you learn…

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Elderly Care During Travel

Elderly Care in Windsor CA The whole family can enjoy senior travel no matter if it’s a weekend getaway or a two-week trip. Not only does this help families get away from their regular routines, but it’s also manageable for seniors receiving in-home care to come along. The only trick families need to remember is…

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Home Care and the Summer Barbeque

Home Care in Novato CA Summertime is traditionally the season for opening up the windows, getting the pools ready, hitting the beach, and firing up the grills. Home care providers are not immune to these activities as they are also airing out the house, getting the senior out in the sunshine, and looking for as…

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Senior Care Recipes: Classic Blondies

Senior Care in Healdsburg CA A rich, fudgy brownie is a classic dessert, but sometimes you want something that gives you the warm, comforting feeling of a homemade dessert but without all of the chocolate. Whether you elderly loved ones cannot each chocolate because of dietary restrictions related to their medical conditions or would just…

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August 17th is National Thriftshop Day

Senior Care in Windsor CA Thrift shops, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, and second hand shopping of all kinds on eBay are terrific fun. These are the places to shop in order to get the “most bang for a buck!” There are many ways to enjoy second-hand stores. In-home professionals may find that elders…

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