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Archive for June 2015

Elderly Care Recipes: Sweet and Beautiful Watermelon Jelly


Elderly Care in Santa Rosa CA Depending on where you spent your childhood, you may have many memories of your mother and grandmother putting up preserves during the summer months to stock up the cellar and pantry with good food for the fall and winter months. Putting up preserves, along with canning and pickling, is…

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4 Back Safety Tips for the Busy Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Oakmont CA One of the most common reasons people become injured is because they are either rushing around or not paying attention. There is an adage that many people who have worked in factories and around large, heavy equipment have heard and kept close to their heart. It goes something like, “Respect the…

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Why Mom’s Cat Might be Beneficial, and How Home Care Could Help

Home Care in Petaluma CA Your mother is 82 and loves her cat. For the longest time you might have been encouraging her to consider giving it up for adoption. The thought of dropping it off at a shelter and hoping that somebody would adopt it was not something your mother even wanted to consider,…

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