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Archive for February 2015

How Family Caregivers Can Deal With Resentment Regarding Gender Roles

Home Care Services Santa Rosa CA It comes as no surprise to many that most family caregivers – approximately 67% – are female. Statistics show that the average caregiver is a working woman who is 49 years old. More and more men are taking on the caregiver role, but their statistics are still far behind…

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Making Your Parents a Part of Home Care Decisions

Home Care Santa Rosa CA: Your Elderly Parents Should be an Active Part of Making Home Care Decisions When you start to notice a decline in your parents’ ability to care for themselves it is easy to get swept up in feelings of love, concern, and responsibility and start making decisions about their care plans.…

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Aging and Vision Loss

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA As people age, there are a number of physical changes they go through including their eyesight. Over the age of 50, vision loss becomes a common complaint. However, people over the age of 65 tend to have a higher risk of having eye diseases and while this is not a…

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Cold Medicine Side Effects

Caregivers Santa Rosa CA : What You Should Be Aware of We’re well into cold and flu season and that means that many seniors are taking over-the-counter medications to relieve their discomfort and get some much-needed rest. While these wonder drugs can help quell an annoying cough or runny nose, they can give you unwanted…

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