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Archive for January 2015

Stress Relief Tips for Caregivers in the Sandwich Generation

Caregivers Santa Rosa CA: Taking Care of Yourself Benefits Everyone! Many caregivers are in the sandwich generation, meaning that they are caring for their own children as well as their aging parents. As one can imagine, this can be an extremely stressful situation. It’s hard enough to work and take care of young children, but…

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Long Distance Caregiving

Caregivers Santa Rosa CA: You Can Take Care of Your Own Needs and Still Be a Good Caregiver to Your Aging Loved One Caregiving is a very important role and can often times be quite the daunting task as our loved ones age. Fortunately, caregiving responsibilities don’t have to fall to a single person. When families…

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The Undeniable Connection between Diet and Health

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Is Your Aging Loved One Getting Proper Nutrition? One of the first steps towards maintaining good health is to have a healthy diet. This becomes even more obvious in the case of seniors. Regular exercise and a healthy eating plan can make them much more resistant against disease. The elderly…

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Don’t feel Discouraged, Incontinence Can Be Treated!

Senior Care Santa Rosa CA: Find Out The Reasons for Incontinence, and How to Treat It One of the more common problems faced by older people is something called urinary incontinence. Simply, urinary incontinence is the accidental leakage of urine from the bladder. It can be as mild as a slight wetting of underwear, or…

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