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Archive for July 2014

Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA – How Fresh Fruit Makes You Feel Better

As a busy caregiver you need to feel your best. Fresh fruit is a great choice for both you and your elderly loved one. Elderly care providers can assist your aging loved one in fixing nutritious meals each day and cleaning up after. If there are basic tasks of living your elderly parent needs help with, call the agency today and arrange some elder care services.

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4 Tips to Have Fun in the Sun Safely with Home Care Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Even though the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier every day now, that doesn’t mean the summer is over. In fact, the hottest months of the year throughout most of the country happen to be July and August, with some areas experiencing incredible warmth during September as well. When an elderly individual relies on home care services, one thing that should be considered is staying safe while heading out in the sun.

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Senior Care in Santa Rosa, CA – Dealing with Shingles

You might not know this, but shingles is actually very common. Over half of all Americans will have had it by the time they reach age 80. If you aren’t familiar with shingles, it’s a painful disease of the skin that’s basically the chicken pox coming back, and usually only affects one side of your body. This type of virus is one that you have for life, and it just stays inactive until your immune system is down for a time. This is why elderly people most often get shingles because of their other health problems. If your senior parent is showing signs of shingles or the pain of it is impacting their daily life, then it’s time to do something about it. Keep reading to find out more about shingles and how you can help.

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Importance of Good Nutrition As We Age

Hi, it’s Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner, “At Your Service Home Care” in Santa Rosa, CA. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about nutrition. Nutrition as we age is so very important for so many reasons. Oftentimes, as we age we struggle to keep weight on, we struggle to keep the…

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End Of Life Care, 3 Tips To Start A Conversation With A Loved One

Hi, it’s Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner, “At Your Service Home Care”. Today we’re going to talk about a difficult subject, one that often people don’t want to hear about, but it is so important to have the discussion. That is about end of life care. What do you want? What do you…

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Keep Your Loved One Moving For Their Health

Hi its Lucy Andrews, home care nurse and owner “At Your Service Home Care“. Today, we’re going to talk about something that is so important. What if I could tell you one thing that could help your loved one, stay at home longer, be safer and stronger? Well, that one thing is movement. I don’t…

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