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Archive for May 2014

Some Common Alzheimer’s Symptoms and How Senior Care Can Help in Santa Rosa CA

Alzheimer’s affects the brain in a way that makes it difficult for individuals to communicate, think, learn, remember, and reason. It is a progressive brain disorder that greatly impacts a person’s work, social activities, and family life. Senior care should be able to recognize the common symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and take the appropriate steps to help.

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Elderly Care Santa Rosa CA: What to do if your Senior Loved One has Hypoglycemia

A person with hypoglycemia has a low blood glucose level. At 70 mg or lower, a vast array of problems arise. Body function is impaired and there are raised levels of unease, anxiety, weakness, hunger and even seizures and heart palpitations among others. For the senior with diabetes, hypoglycemia is extremely serious and can result in unconsciousness or insulin shock.

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Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: How Can Elderly Health Care Help Your Loved One

Being a caregiver for an elderly parent is a big responsibility, and even though it’s rewarding to be able to help the mother or father that raised you, not very many adult children can do everything for them without feeling a lot of stress. If you still want to care for your parent but need some help with things for a few days a week, home care for the elderly is the perfect solution. Your aging parent’s desire to age at home and not go to a senior facility is one that’s shared by many Americans.

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