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Archive for February 2014

Elder Care Santa Rosa CA: Obesity and Weight Management

There are many causes for concern when providing elder care for someone who is obese. Health complications and the risk of being affected by various diseases are more likely to arise for elderly people who are obese. It is important to create awareness to the health risks at stake for a person who is obese and take positive steps to getting weight management under control.

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How Often Should Cancer Screening be Done When Someone Requires Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA?

One of the words that family members never want to hear after their elderly loved one visits the doctor is ‘cancer.’ While cancer seems to be all too common, that doesn’t always mean that it’s a good idea for an elderly individual to be screened for all types of cancer as younger individuals are. When someone requires senior care, are there certain types of cancers that they shouldn’t be screened? Are there others that they should be screened for on a regular basis?

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In-Home Care Services in Santa Rosa CA, and Other Help available for Seniors!

Aging in a familiar place is a concept that many seniors want to do. They want to stay in the home they have lived in through the years and raised a family. They don’t want to give up their independence, or their privacy. However, as seniors age, help is going to be needed. And if a spouse is ill, the spouse who is caregiving may not be able to handle taking care of the ill spouse alone. Housework, preparing meals and keeping up with the laundry then may become overwhelming. However, there are some services which can help assist with these daily tasks.

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Home Care Santa Rosa CA: Helping a Senior Cope with the Flu

The cold winter months can bring about an assortment of illnesses; the main one being the flu. Seniors are at a higher risk of contracting the flu than younger generations are; therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions in trying to prevent the illness in our aging loved ones. We can remind our senior family members to watch their hands frequently, get a flu shot, dress warmly when going out, and to eat healthy; however, sometimes they will still contract the flu. In the event that our senior loved ones do get the illness, it is important that we or a home care companion take watch over them and be sure they are getting the proper care.

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