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Archive for January 2014

What to Think about before Hiring Home Care Services in Santa Rosa CA

You’ve been thinking about what you can do to help your father as he ages and it becomes more difficult for him to get around his home safely. Through your research, you have determined that home care services is the right option for him, and that means that you want to make sure that you have as much accurate information as possible for when you sit down and talk to him about it.

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Benefits of Keeping Your Loved One Active This Winter-Senior Care in Santa Rosa CA

Winter is a time when it becomes easy to just lock up in your home with a warm blanket and lots of food, and never leave. It is often too dreary and cold outside to deal with all of the bad weather and many people find that it is really difficult to keep as active as they should. Despite the bad weather, it is really important for you to make sure that your elderly loved one is staying active this winter season. Even if you are not always able to be there for your loved one to help keep them active, senior care can help to make this possible. Here are some benefits of making sure that your loved one stays active this winter season.

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Dealing with an Unruly Family: Caregiver Stories in Santa Rosa CA

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a family caregiver, or a home care provider as part of your job, or dealing with certain family members of the elderly patient for whom you’re providing home care. It can be enough just dealing with unruly family members that make you think it’s just not worth the effort. After all, you’re there to make sure that the elderly individual is safe, and healthy in his or her home.

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Overseeing Your Loved One

Some common questions: Don’t know which caregiver is coming? Don’t remember what time the shift starts or ends? Which tasks were completed during the shift? What days are the caregiver’s visiting my loved ones? From the beginning, good communication is key. So, how can families stay connected with their loved ones and the care they…

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The Post-Holiday Blues: How Caregivers in Santa Rosa CA cope with Stress that can Sneak In on Them!

No matter what level of care someone may need, and if you are the one providing that care to them, whether you’re a family member or professional getting paid to provide care. It’s a good idea to be aware of caregiver stress. For many people who are a family caregiver for their loved one, the stress that they feel may sneak in on them, without any warning. In other words, you may not realize that it’s building until you’re feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted.

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