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Archive for September 2013

Sacramento Update

Looking out the window toward the state capitol I am again reminded of why I am in Sacramento on a late summer Sunday afternoon. Much is at stake for our industry now.  Decisions on who and how we care for our seniors and soon ourselves,  are determined in the capitol, in those brief hallway conversions,…

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Senior Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Brain Health

Helping your elderly parent with daily activities often involves the tasks of daily living, and that can keep you quite busy enough. It can be a challenge just to maintain their physical health. Did you know that there are also things that can help maintain and even improve their brain health? If you are struggling…

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Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Assisting Your Parents

Just as your parents once took care of you and watched over you, the time will come when your parents reach the age where it will be your turn to take care of them and watch over them. This age will vary greatly from one set of parents to another, of course. Usually somewhere between…

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Home Care Services in Santa Rosa, CA

If you are between the age of 40 and 59, you might belong to what’s called the sandwich generation. It means you are caught in the middle between supporting your own children while also caring for your elderly parent (or parents). There are millions of Americans just like you, caught in this situation of personal…

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Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Anemia Linked to Dementia?

An elderly care provider is someone who will be looking after one of the most beloved members of your family. It’s very important that your elderly parent eats good food on a daily basis not only to keep up her strength but also to fight off illness and infection. Elder care providers can fix light…

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