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Home Care Services in Santa Rosa, CA: August 3rd is Watermelon Day

July was National Watermelon Month and now August 3rd is Watermelon Day! Do you think Americans like their watermelon? It’s a healthy food, so maybe we should like it even more! Did you know that in 2005 Lloyd Bright of Arkansas set the world record for his heaviest watermelon ever – it weighed almost 270…

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Elderly Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Helping to Bring Relief to Arthritis

As a caregiver with elderly home care services, you will find that it’s very common for a loved one to suffer from arthritis. There are 40 million people in the nation who suffer daily pain and disability from this inflammatory disorder. They usually have to deal with joint pain on a daily basis. There are…

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA: Helping a Person with Depression

The encouragement and support of friends and loved ones can really help a person who suffers from depression. Kind words and helpful actions from others can play a crucial role in the recovery of the elderly adult suffering from depression. There are different events that can start a cycle of depression in the aging adult,…

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA: July 7th is Chocolate Day

They say that chocolate is a vegetable. Whether that’s believable or not, it’s true that it comes from the Cacao tree which grows in rain forests. America’s favorite flavor is chocolate. It is used in so many foods, especially desserts, it’s simply amazing! For all chocolate lovers out there, Chocolate Day is a good excuse…

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